Friends of the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
The Friends of the Horicon NWR has a number of educational events
and projects scheduled. Ongoing Visitor Center projects include
wildflower landscaping, limestone amphitheater, and hiking trail with
recreational and educational components.

If interested in getting involved with our group, or you just want to
learn more about the refuge, send us an email!

"Volunteers don't
get paid, not
because they're
worthless, but
because they're
- Sherry Anderson
About the Marsh
"All Over the Map: Horicon Marsh" Video
by Peter Schreimer of Portly Toad Studios
Want to become more involved with the Horicon National
Wildlife Refuge? Become a member of the Friends of the
Horicon NWR. Click on the blue goose for more information!
Refuge Closures Continue!

We are sorry to report the refuge visitor center,
all programs, and exhibits previously
scheduled, continue to me closed. This is
due to potential health concerns with the
current pandemic. How long the closures
will remain is unknown.

Some sections of the refuge will remain open.
For more information, please check the refuge's
website by clicking on the goose.

On October 2 the refuge staff and
friends group held their annual meeting.