Friends of the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
The Friends of the Horicon NWR has a number of
educational events and habitat improvement
projects scheduled for 2015. By viewing our
calendar, we hope you find something of interest to
you and your family. Please consider attending a
program, becoming a member, and better yet
volunteering at the Horicon NWR!

6, 2015
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July 22, 2010
"Volunteers don't
get paid, not
because they're
worthless, but
because they're
- Sherry Anderson
About the Marsh
American White Pelican
Common on the Refuge
White Pelicans on the Refuge               Photo copyright Michael Matusinec
American White Pelicans are often seen on the refuge. Pelicans
have a wingspan of 95-120 inches and weigh 20 pounds on
average. The White Pelican does not dive for food, but catches
prey while swimming. Pelicans eat up to 4 pounds of fish per day.